Wilson Gheur

Senior Multimedia Designer

With a background in Architecture & Design, Wilson moved from Brazil to pursue his goal of designing for the web and to live the technology revolution in NorCal. He acquired a degree...

in Computer Arts/New Media Design at the Academy of Art University in SF and has since dedicated all his professional time to art, design and technology. He might be spotted wielding a Gibson LesPaul or riding waves, but it's all speculation at this point.


Erin Kerrigan

Sr Developer, Lead Technologist

Erin is a senior developer with a focus on implementing responsive design using modern front-end technologies that create a seamless, intuitive, and engaging online experience...

She is fluent in both English and Developer, and speaks enough Designer to get by. She also oversees CPR's important Office Dog department, whose responsibilities include greeting clients, napping, and lunch disposal.


Dana Sodd

Digital Design Intern

With a passion for illustration and newfound love of animation, Dana is excited to further her motion skills surrounded by seasoned pros. Currently enrolled in...

the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program, she is pursuing a BSA in Graphic Communication Design. New to the Bay Area, you’ll find her exploring the parks and streets of San Francisco in her free time with an ice cream or piece of pizza in hand.


Jamiah Mootry

Jr. Developer

A Buffalo, NY native with a digital media design background, Jamiah transitioned to the code world in 2016. Outside work, catch her reading books on human connection, ...

baking cheesecakes, and attending entrepreneurship talks.


Kevin Sholander

Lead Web Architect

Kevin has written millions of lines of code in more languages than he can remember. Having developed everything from CPU graphics hardware to interactive websites and game apps, ...

Kevin has worked for tech giants HP and AMD, developed websites for musicians, artists, and financial institutions, and now brings his mastery to CPR. When not coding, Kevin is an avid theme park enthusiast who dabbles in 3D modeling and animation.


Dave Read

Principal, Co-Founder

Dave provides strategic counsel to existing clients and cultivates new solutions by continually evolving CPR's offerings. Over the years, Dave has managed external perceptions and...

built a talent base that enables CPR to remain at the cutting edge of interactive media and apps. Dave likes to travel, dabble in real estate development, and run up and down the stairs of San Francisco in his spare time.


Rich Brilli

Senior Designer & Animator

A self-prescribed 'After Effects junkie,' Rich offers a wide palette of design, management, writing, audio, and client relationship skills. Outside screens, ...

Rich passes time strumming six strings, adventure motorcycle touring, and bouldering.


Aly Yorio

Animator & Digital Designer

Graduate of the University of Cincinnati's DAAP program, Aly has a background in Graphic Design, but is happiest when animating. Outside the studio, you'll find her...

watching movies and eating burritos.


Jeff Hemmelgarn

Principal, Co-Founder

Building long-lasting client relationships and encouraging teams to experiment with new web technologies, Jeff focuses on developing sales training, enablement, and...

learning initiatives. When not riding motorcycles, Jeff recites specs for vintage guitars.


Nino Lopez

Web Developer | Project Manager

Nino is a front-end developer who loves the web. He’s constantly thinking about how to make web sites and web applications meet tomorrow’s dynamic needs, while upholding...

CPR’s esteemed quality of design across all browsers and mobile devices. When not coding, Nino enjoys traveling around the country with his wife, Michelle, where they seek out hiking trials, music festivals, and local eateries.