Equal parts design, code, and strategy, we help global technology companies tell their stories.

20+ Years
Founded in San Francisco
5 Timezones
Stretching across the US and Brazil
2,415 Beans
Of coffee ground daily

How We Work

Frictionless collaboration

From kick-off through production, to delivery and updates, we become an extension of you and your team. Knowing your business, your customers' buyer’s journey, and fully understanding what differentiates you and why are critical pre-cursers to making digital marketing experiences work.  

Knowledge is simply a part of our DNA – and while 20 years of building experiences for global B2B tech companies has given us a certain depth of understanding, our job is to never stop learning and digging deep.

Refined processes

Brainstorming sessions, brief building, regular reviews, schedules and storyboards are table-stakes when you work with big league clients – and we love these traditional tools. Unlike traditional agency models, however, when we meet with clients before, during and after a project, our design and engineering folks have a seat at the table, along with our account teams. This keeps us all on the same page with client vision, workflow and general project cadence.

On the back-office side, we are transparent estimators, detailed compliance adherents and left-brained record-keepers.

Beyond flexible

Messaging will probably change mid-project. Script will need to be re-recorded. A last-minute request from an executive will come down from above – and the launch will go on as scheduled. This is actually normal because the Enterprise B2B technology landscape is one of the fastest evolving in business, and the same is true for the competitive landscape.

Our workflow models, processes, and development platforms are designed to let us react quickly to change and do so with zero additional cost to budget or timeline 90% of the time.  

Shift happens. We keep the plane flying as it does.

Who we are

Dave Read
Principal, Co-Founder
Wilson Gheur
Senior Multimedia Designer
Erin Kerrigan
Senior Programmer & Lead Technologist
Rich Brilli
Senior Director of Design & Animation
Rafael Gomes
Senior Full Stack Developer
Katy Sunderhaus
Digital Designer
Ben Koch
Digital Designer
Dana Sodd
Senior Motion Designer & Animator