Building Assent's interactive marketing tools library
Case Study
Create interactive tools that enable a new era of digital B2B buyers across all stages of the buyer's journey
Assent approached us with a tall order: to be their trusted digital agency to develop a suite of interactive tools that span their unique buyer’s journey.

The goal? Generate high quality leads, capture data and insights, provide massive value to their prospects and customers to drive them further along the buyer’s journey, and understand why Assent is the right solution for them.
Within a 12-month rollout period, CPR INTERACTIVE developed four critical tools for Assent's digital assets marketing library that cover their unique buyer's journey: from assessing risk and analyzing supply chain program maturity, to product tours that give users a taste of the solution before they buy.
Why it worked
Like any effective toolkit, we built a variety of tools—each catering to a specific and strategic portion of the buyer’s journey—to cover all buyer types and achieve optimal results.

Assent is an extremely strategic company, and they know their category and customer very well. Working closely with the talented marketing team at Assent ensured that each interactive experience had the right focus and content. Then, CPR added design, UX, a healthy dose of front and backend development—resulting in a set of tools curated for Assent’s buyers no matter where they are on their journey.
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CPR has been a crucial partner in executing our digital buyer enablement strategy at Assent.
In just over a year together, we’ve built a highly effective suite of interactive tools that provide huge value to our internal teams and customers!
Annie calfo // Senior Product Marketing Manager, Assent
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