Onfido: The story of a Platform Tour
Case Study
Transform Onfido's platform into an
engaging self-paced experience
The benefits of the Onfido Real Identity Platform can be game-changing—but distilling their solution into approachable, consumable language for prospects was a challenge.

Onfido had plenty of resources describing each of their Platform’s four technology pillars, but needed a single, simplified experience to bring it all together.
A bespoke web asset (plus all creative content therein!) to quickly and visually explain the four pillars of Onfido’s solution—motivating users to dig deeper, while maintaining engagement with snackable media and information.

Why it worked
A highly collaborative effort across a wide array of client and agency teams ensured diverse inputs and expertise were poured into the core elements of the Platform Tour:

Interactive Platform Graphic: Quickly visualizes the Onfido Real Identity Platform from the start, allowing users to explore at their own pace.

Interactive Demo: Brings Onfido Studio to life and allows users to see it in action.

11 Videos: Snackable snippets that quickly tell engaging feature/benefit stories.

18 Informative Pages: We call it "thorough brevity"—effectively balancing enough explanation while keeping content short enough to maintain attention.

Launch project
The creative process starts with the big picture: What are we creating? What’s the goal? From there, each project phase refines the concept and builds on what came before.

Extensive planning expands to written content, creating a foundation for the iterations of visual design that follow—and are ultimately brought to life by the development team before final delivery to the event coordinators.

Constant collaboration is key. At every stage, we included Accenture and Oracle teams in brainstorming workshops and reviews to reflect diverse perspectives.

Use the timeline to explore each phase below.
One of the best interactive groups I've worked with, great customer service and great product.
Always very responsive and willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything is beyond copasetic.
Dylan hollis // Senior Web Production Manager
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Interactive Demos

Dynamic product walk-through that lets you show, not tell. Users interact with a realistic cloned version of your software, beautifully designed with clear overlays and instructions for a seamless true to product experience.


Explainers, Awareness, Impact, Promo and Demo videos ranging from 100% animation and conceptual, to live video shoots with overlay motion graphics, to stock footage edits with custom graphics and onscreen text.


Interactive web asset that brings eBooks to life, allowing customers a deep dive into long-form content, written in the latest HTML/CSS/Javascript. Responsive and fully functional across all standard operating systems and devices – from desktops to laptops, tablets to mobile phones.


Static or interactive/animated web layout great for quickly communicating value propositions, processes, and differentiators, in an easily-digested, visually engaging graphic format.

Maturity & ROI Tools

These essential tools provide personalized evaluation and ROI calculations, providing users with data needed to make purchase decisions.

Custom Interactive Experiences

We offer flexible, custom interactive experiences tailored to your specific needs and goals. Bringing your vision to life by creating an engaging experience that represents your product and brand.