Onfido Real Identity Platform
Case Study
"Making digital identity simple," Onfido needed to stay true to their tagline and help prospective customers understand their elegant yet complex Real Identity Platform.

As with many revolutionary technologies, the benefits are game-changing—but distilling the solution into approachable, consumable “customer speak” was tough.
Onfido had plenty of resources describing each of their Platform’s four technology pillars, but needed a single experience that brought everything together in one place.

Enter, CPR Interactive.

The brief: Conceptualize and create a bespoke web asset (plus all creative content therein!) to quickly and visually explain the four pillars of Onfido’s solution—motivating users to dig deeper, while maintaining engagement through consumable and relevant media, visuals and written content.
The creative process starts with the big picture: What are we creating? What’s the goal? From there, each project phase refines the concept and builds on what came before.

Extensive research and planning are expanded into written content, forming the backbone for the experience. Then, it’s all about iterations of visual design that are ultimately brought to life by the development team before final deployment on the web.

Constant collaboration is key. At every stage, we included Product Marketing, Product Development, Corporate Marketing,  Brand, and executive teams at Onfido in brainstorming workshops and reviews to reflect diverse perspectives.

Use the timeline to explore each phase below.
The interactive demo guides users through Onfido Studio. Panel overlays guide users through the narrative, invite them to engage with clicks and drag-and-drop interactivity, and promote business benefits.
The various informational pages needed to act like an ebook but walk like an infographic—thorough in explaining technologies, solutions, and benefits, but short and engaging enough to maintain user attention.
Each of the 11 videos were created custom for the experience, making the overall Platform Tour deliverable a true full-team effort including business strategists, writers, designers, developers and animators.
Development in HTML
Using cutting-edge technologies to create rich animation details and responsive code, we craft an experience that works great on any device. Extensive testing and constant communication with client-side developers ensure bulletproof performance in the final environment.
Video animation
While the HTML experience is being created by the development team, the animation team was busy bringing the video storyboards to life. Adobe After Effects is our software of choice to combine music, voice, and design—bringing the static storyboard concepts to life through carefully keyframed motion.
Birthed from a highly collaborative process across client and agency strategy, product, writing, design, and development teams, we’re thrilled with the end result: a fully responsive web asset available on all devices that weaves together an immersive interactive demo, videos, and informational content pages to bring the Onfido Real Identity Platform to life.

Best of all? The Onfido team loved it so much that it’s become a main feature across the company’s website.
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